Diversity ethics. An alternative to Peter Singer"™s ethics


  • Caroline Guibet Lafaye
  • Javier Romañach Cabrero


Contemporary moral philosophy has different approaches to provide justice and equality to groups that are traditionally discriminated on the grounds of gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc. On the other hand, functionally diverse (disabled) people have had a parallel approach to their discrimination, excluded from mainstream diversities. Including functional diversity and the diversity model in modern recognition and redistribution theories, as another human diversity, provides an extended ethical approach: diversity ethics. This general framework also includes other fundamental ideas for equality such as human fragility, social domination logics, self-respect and auto-recognition. Diversity ethics provides sound foundations to defend justice and equality for all human diversities and an alternative to other approaches that broaden the moral community, excluding some humans, like Peter Singer’s ethics.

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Caroline Guibet Lafaye

CNRS – Centre Maurice Halbwachs

Javier Romañach Cabrero

Foro de Vida Independiente




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Guibet Lafaye, C., & Romañach Cabrero, J. (2010). Diversity ethics. An alternative to Peter Singer"™s ethics. Dilemata, (3), 95–116. Recuperado a partir de https://www.dilemata.net/revista/index.php/dilemata/article/view/37