Do Peace Studies Reach Out, Including Others?


  • Johan Galtung


This paper presents various personal reflections made about Peace studies find its new challenges, which will help to understand the reality and peace research from new globalizing dimensions.
From the transnational and interdisciplinary perspective, we aim to go beyond what is established in order to open new ways to analyze and offer other benchmarks, such as equality and equity. In this sense, the text develops a convergence of different approaches to this research: sociology of peace, development, politics and culture, the Taoist epistemology, and Gandhian and Buddhist ethics.
This globalizing approach shows that the specificity of human functional diversity has been excluded, over time, in all peace theories and practices.
The reconstruction of peace needs full inclusion of functional diversity in everything related to peace. The World Declaration is just a starting point

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Johan Galtung

TRANSCEND International




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