• Julian Savulescu


I participated as a keynote speaker in the II International Workshop on "Practical Ethics. Bioethics and Human Enhancement" held at the University of Granada the 16th and 17th of June 2014. Enhancement is and continues to be one of the most challenging areas of bioethics. What was the most exciting at this conference was the large number of top papers by young scholars "cutting their teeth" on this issue. Some of the best papers I have heard on the topic were given at this conference and this suite of five captures the diversity of views, including considerations of individual vs. social benefit, disability and equality, authenticity Rawlsian approaches and the very nature of bioethical discourse. We can learn something valuable from each paper and they are testimony to Mill"™s ideas of the value of originality. Too often bioethical discourse is dominated by a few main players and Dilemata is to be congratulated for giving voice to an eclectic collection of promising scholars.




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